Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Narrows

This last weekend I went to St. George to go to the reception for one of the girls I home taught last year.  She became a great friend, so Boman and I decided to travel four hours for it.  We ended up going to one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen.  The landscaping outside was immaculate, with an amazing pool.  The water ran right over the edges and into a little gully that collected the water and pumped it right back into the pool.  It also had an enclosed hot tub attached that looked like a cave. 
After the reception we went over to a friends house to swim and sit in the hot tub.  It was a very relaxing and fun day.
Yesterday we woke up early and headed over to Zion National Park where we hiked The Narrows.  It was the best hike I have ever been on.  If you have ever been, I am sure you understand why.  If not, I'll explain.  This hike is relatively short (11 AM - 4 PM) and most of it is hiking through a river!  You switch back and forth from one side of the river to the other.  Some parts were even so deep I had to do a little swimming to continue forward.  It was beautiful as well!  Everything was so green and the canyon rocks were so colorful.  I just wished I would have known that it involved water so I could have used different shoes, but it was amazing!  I recommend this hike to anyone going to Zion National Park!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

More stressed out than me?

So this week, for our last MCOM assignment, we were asked to find someone more stressed out than me, do something nice for them, and then blog about it.
            Finding someone more stressed out than me seemed nearly impossible until Friday when I had finished my assignments for school and finished my late night grad parties for work. 
So on Friday, I decided to take a few friends to Boondocks for a free night of fun.  When we got out of the go-karts (the first thing we did), I reminded everyone to check their pockets to make sure nothing was missing (lots of things are lost on the go-karts).  A few minutes later, a friend of mine, who we will call Caleb (because that is his real name), told me he lost his wallet.  At the end of the night he was really stressed about having to cancel credit cards, getting a new license, and losing his money.  So I helped him search the individual go-karts as well as the go-kart track with no luck.  After searching for about 20 minutes, we decided to head back to Provo.  I told him I would look at work the next day.  Well, long story short, the wallet was sitting on in my apartment the entire time.  It never left Provo!  Even with the chaos, however, it was a fun night.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

So Little Sleep, So Little Time.

Another week has flown by and I feel like I am going to fall over.  This week I worked on Wednesday night until 3 am for American Fork High School's Senior All Night Party and then had class from 8 am - 12 pm.  I then had to take a grammar test, and go right back to work until 3 am again, but this time for Riverton High School's Senior Al Night Party!  I have not been able to catch up on sleep since I have a group project due this next week as well as an assignment that is supposed to take 10 hours to complete due on Thursday also!  This coming Tuesday and Wednesday I have two more late night parties to host and then my presentation and end-of-year assignment due Thursday.  Can anyone give me advice on how to have the most amount of energy on the smallest amount of sleep?  I'm dying here!   

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bear Lake Reunion

Have you ever been extremely excited for a vacation that you want it to be tomorrow, yet it is still so far away such as a trip to Disneyland or to another country?  Well, on the first weekend of July, my entire family will be getting together for a weekend at Bear Lake.  It may sound like a simple activity but when I say "entire family" I mean all my siblings spread out through the western United States.  I have two sisters coming down from Rexburg, Idaho, a sister from Boise, Idaho,  a brother from Phoenix, Arizona, and sisters from Salt Lake, Highland, and American Fork, Utah all coming.  With so many married siblings, it has been over a year since we have all been able to gather together.  We will be staying in a cabin right there on Bear Lake.  I am so excited I just can't wait.  I want to go tomorrow, but I guess a month goes by quickly.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

BYU National Champions

Yesterday was an exciting day.  I worked from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.  Then as soon as I got home, I went on a date with a girl named Caitlin from my ward.  We went to the BYU Rugby Championship game.  But before we got to the Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, we stopped off at Ikea to eat some delicious Swedish meatballs.  Ikea serves some delicious meatballs, mashed potatoes, and jam for a very inexpensive price.  After filling ourselves up on meatballs, we headed to the stadium.  In order to avoid the $10 parking fee, my friend Jason decided to park a mile from the stadium.  So we got a little exercise on our way to the game.  It was very entertaining to watch.  Caitlin and I decided that it is more exciting to watch than football because it moves at a fast pace.  The ball is constantly in motion.  BYU ended up becoming national champions in Rugby last night!  It was a very exciting game. 

Here is a picture of Caitlin and me at the rugby game last night.  The players behind us were receiving their medals.  GO COUGARS!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Week 3

Well, this is my third post since I began taking Management Communications.  This last week was a very busy week.  I ended up working for over 44 hours.  I also got two iPod touches that were left in our lost and found for over a month and a half. One has a cracked screen and the other has been disabled for over 22 million minutes (just over 41 YEARS).  I looked up online, and asked a bunch of people how to restore it to its original settings, and after attempting twice...IT WORKS!  I decided I would give it to my sister Christine since her iPod broke a while back.  Also, I got to go work at a Cinco de Mayo event in West Valley City where I got paid to speak in Spanish and hand out Spanish fliers.  It was amazing.  I even got to eat Mexican food!
Finally, I have found myself to be a little bit of a grammer freak this last week.  Since one of my roommates is deaf we always have the subtitles on.  Well, when I am watching movies, or any TV show, I find myself correcting the subtitles..."Opps, that should have been a dash, not a comma".  It's horrible, yet nice to know that some of what I am learning is catching on.  Well, until next time...

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Avengers!

Well, here is my second post in five years!  Last night I went to see the Avengers after a long debate with my roommates.  They all purchased their tickets about a month ago for the midnight showing tonight.  Boman (my roommate) is a huge fan of anything superhero, and so he has been really excited.  Let me tell you . . . it was worth it!  Even though I only got about three hours of sleep today since I had to work at 8 a.m. this morning, I am so glad I went to see it.  I think it is honestly one of the best movies I have seen!  I was exhausted before and after the movie, but I was never even close to falling asleep during the movie.  I am glad my roommates convinced me to go.  The best part is that I think I knew 20 or more people in the theater!  For anyone debating whether or not to see it, take my advice and go (it was that good)!